Will gutter guards (screens) keep all debris out of our gutters?

No. Gutter guards and gutter screens will not keep all debris out of your gutter system. Your gutters will still need to be cleaned regularly to protect your home from roof rot or structural damage caused by water.

Don’t just take our word for it, here is a Washington Post Article on Gutter Screening systems and their effectiveness.

A visual examination from an upstairs dormer window showed the gutter guards appeared to be clear of debris. But a trek up the ladder to look under the guards revealed they were hiding a very big problem.

The Washington Post Article goes on to say more about potential hazards of not having your gutters cleaned, even if you have a gutter screening system.

Once gutters become loaded with debris, water flows over the gutter’s edge, potentially soaking basements, damaging landscaping, rotting fascia boards, saturating insulation and fostering the growth of mold and algae.

Gutter Screens

Screens will keep most large debris such as leaves and twigs out of the gutters and helps to prevent overflows from new debris that falls between cleanings. Debris can also rest on top of the screens and must be cleared to prevent roof rot.

Gutter Guards

Not only are these gutter guard systems expensive, they don’t relieve the homeowner of regular gutter cleaning needs. Products such as Gutter Helmet can cost a homeowner in excess of $9 per linear foot.

Check out this article regarding the cost effectiveness of gutter guards:

Gutter Guards vs Gutter Cleaning – Cost Analysis

Gutter Cleaning – Most Cost Effective Gutter Maintenance

Having your gutters cleaned twice a year is most effective gutter maintenance you can take to protect your highly valuable asset – your home.

Action Gutter gutter cleaning is a cost-effective solution with twice a year service costing much less than having over-priced and ineffective gutter guards installed. Regular cleaning of your gutters is the cheapest and most effective way to avoid overflow problems.

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