Why are my gutters pulling away from my house?

Having your gutters pull away from the frame of your home is not an uncommon problem. We see this gutter problem quite often. While it’s true that the problem most likely originated with the original gutter installer, there are things that can be done to secure your gutters correctly.

Proper Gutter Installation

Great care must be taken in making sure the fastener goes into the rafter – here is why choosing a reputable Atlanta gutter company is so important. The original installer probably missed the rafters and the spikes were driven through the gutter board into nothing.

How Action Gutter Can Correct this Gutter Problem

We can perform what is called a “relevel” to correct these problem areas. This process involves rehanging your gutters properly and then testing for proper drainage. Action Gutter will reposition your gutters until the gutters slope at 1″ for every 20 feet of gutter.

If your gutters are pulling away from your home, be sure to mention this issue when you contact Action Gutter for your free, no obligation, estimate.

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