How can I keep my gutter system clog free?

There are basic steps a homeowner can take to help keep their gutter systems from getting clogged and working effectively between gutter cleanings. Read the following gutter tips and maintenance guidelines to help keep your home gutter system free of clogs and free of problems.

Homeowner Gutter Maintenance Tips

Make sure your gutters are expelling water away from your home. Standing water can cause real issues for your home costing thousands of dollars to repair.

If run-off water from your downspouts is standing too close to the structure of your home, consider installing downspout extenders.

An occasional check of your home gutter system for rust, holes, or leaks is a good maintenance precaution, too.

Gutter Cleaning Schedule

We recommend cleaning your gutters a minimum of 2 times per year, to prevent clogs in your gutter system.

Spring blossoms usually fall throughout April, summer debris falls through the summer due to windy thunderstorms, and fall leaves are usually down about November 15. Plan your twice-a-year gutter cleaning around the seasons for best results.

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