Do solid gutter covers really work?

No. Solid gutter covers do NOT work. Action Gutter has been in the Atlanta gutter cleaning business for over a decade, and despite examining every covered system currently available we have yet to find a covered gutter system that is not flawed.

Why Don’t Gutter Covers Work?

Smaller debris gets into the gutter or fills the narrow opening and causes clogs and overflows. Approximately every 3 weeks we tear down these overpriced, clogged, usually not cleanable systems to install new gutters for frustrated customers.

Are Gutter Covers Cost Efficient?

These covers can cost over $13-21.00 per foot compared to gutter guards at around $2.00-3.50 per foot. Every time I see the Mall or Costco display for these flawed systems with the “hardest flow in 100 years” I cringe, because the area drained is only a few square feet.

Every house is different in its drainage needs and a mall display cannot fairly represent the differing square footages of roof area drained.

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What is the Best Way to Ensure Properly Working Gutters?

Having your gutters cleaned twice a year by a dependable gutter cleaning service such as Action Gutter is the most cost-effective and efficient way to ensure the gutter system on your home continues to function properly.

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